Testimonial, Tara

I didn’t play team sports growing up but I was athletic and loved challenges. I joined the Army at 17 and fell in love with health and fitness. CrossFit led me to my first barbell and I was hooked. For about five years, I lived at the gym. And all of a sudden, I didn’t. Pregnant with my third son, I wanted a fit and healthy pregnancy. Those weren’t the cards I was dealt. I was sick, tired, and miserable. And heavy. I had gained 60 pounds in just 9 months. 

I was determined to fix it and decided to invest in myself. Six weeks after I had my third son, I started to work with Sam. After taking nearly a year off, I felt like I had never stepped foot into a gym. I wanted my strength back. Sam helped me set short and long term goals. She programmed accordingly through all of the postpartum trials and tribulations I threw her way. Each week she’d ask me to think about why I was training and it helped me stay motivated. When I was tired, she was patient. When I was rested, she pushed me even harder and made me work. 

Sam’s knowledge and professionalism exceeded my expectations. Her hard work is inspirational. I wish I could say I hired Sam because she’s a world class athlete and Powerlifting World Record holder, but that would be a lie. I found Sam after joining a gym and asking for a powerlifting coach. I am so incredibly lucky! Sam’s as smart as she is strong! Her education and training make her an impressive coach. She isn’t an athlete that happens to coach- she’s a formally educated professional, who is also an athlete, that’s going to help you be the best version of you. I didn’t know what I was getting into! A single 12 week session turned into 12 months of working one on one with a true professional that has a heart of gold. 

Under Sam’s guidance, I’ve gotten my strength back and continue to get stronger each week. I’ve lost every ounce of baby weight and look better at 35 than I did 25. After years of searching, I finally found the sport for me. I’m just getting started and I can’t imagine this journey without Sam! 

- Tara, Virginia Beach, VA

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