Beyond the platform episode 17

  • In Episode 17 we talk with Samantha Calhoun, a 63kg lifter in the USAPL who took 2nd place at Nationals in 2017. She has her Master's in Exercise Science and her CSCS. We go over her training for the Arnold, how she stays focused in big meets, her track background, and her current coach/athlete relationship. 

Everyday Weightlifter Podcast

  • Powerlifter extraordinaire Sam Calhoun joins the session. Sam currently competes with Team USA, ran track at the University of Nevada, and currently holds a world record deadlift.  Pound for pound she is literally one of the strongest people on the planet. In the show we discuss the benefits and consequences of Rate of Perceived Exertion.   

 Barbell Medicine Podcast

  • We sit down with Austin's client, Samantha Calhoun, to talk all things powerlifting and her training history. Check it out!

The future is female powerlifting

  • The 63kg weight class at the 2018 USAPL Raw Nationals is arguably one of the toughest division there is. With ferociously strong women like Jen Millican and Jen Thompson, Sam Calhoun knew she had some of the toughest competition she would ever face. Yet, she did not waver.
  • Sam shares her arduous journey from the “organized chaos training” to her momentous win over the 10x reigning champ, Jen Thompson. She opens up about a career changing back injury and shares secrets with the audience she has NEVER revealed to the public. Sam has an amazing outlook on being mentally tough and discusses her latest article “Don’t Be Weak” by walking us through her personal encounters with “weakness”. Sam’s story telling had me on the edge of my seat and I often thought the tale was leading me one way, only to find it took me for a shocking spin.
  • In this episode Sam and I discuss her humble beginnings at Planet Fitness as well as what to do when training gets painfully hard. 

The JuggLife

  •  Chad talks with newly crowned 63kg USAPL National Champion, Samantha Calhoun.
The Strength Chat Podcast
  • For this weeks Strength Chat, it was absolutely awesome to have the oppurtunity to chat with the 2018 USAPL National Champion, Samantha Calhoun. We chatted about her journey to becoming a national champion, mindset and knowing why you compete in powerlifting or get involved in strength training. A great chat with a great lifter.

Chocolate Bar Podcast

  •  The dopeness just keeps on coming! Bri is back for another great conversation with the incomparable Samantha Calhoun- Elite powerlifter, 2X USAPL National Champ (63kg), current IPF world recorder holder in the deadlift, coach, and human extraordinaire. She is also aggressively humble. Find out how Sam stayed meet day ready during the pandemic, what her last meal on earth would be, and the Blackest thing she's ever done- that she can share with us. She also drops some dope training and life gems you do NOT want to miss! See you at the Bar!

Two White Lights Podcast

  • On this episode of 2 White Lights, we were joined by one of the best female lifters in the world, multiple time National Champion in the 63 kg weight class, Samantha Calhoun (@sam.s.calhoun). On this episode we discussed:
    - How she stays motivated

    - The ultra competitive international competition in the 63 kg division

    - How one disappointing performance has turned her in to one of the best platform competitors in powerlifting

    - Her opinons on the USAPL/IPF

    - She gives her lifter rating

    - And we play "white light/red light"

Iron Culture Podcast

  • 2021 USAPL nationals was just back after a year off due to COVID. So, emotions were high, the competition was fierce and as always, USAPL nationals didn’t disappoint. This episode we host the “winner’s circle”, joined by multiple time national champions Heather Connor, Jonathan Cayco, and Sam Calhoun. Not only do we learn about each of their two-year journeys to nationals, but also about the current challenges facing athletes due to the current conflict between the USAPL and the IPF.

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