Programming | Analysis | Game Day

Full Access Coaching

✅ Scheduled Zoom Calls (if needed)
✅Individualized programming
✅ Weekly adjustments based on training performance.
✅ Weekly video analysis of comp. lifts
✅ Daily adjustments (if needed)
✅ Daily e-mail support (if needed)

Purchase $299

Game Day Programming

✅ Current program overview
✅ Meet attempt selection chart
✅ Warm-up protocol
✅ Nutrition counseling
✅ Training video analysis

Purchase $150

Game Day Coaching (local)

✅ Physical presence of Coach
✅ Attempt selection
✅ Warm-up protocol
✅ Nutrition counseling (if cutting weight)
✅ Training video analysis

Request Info (prices vary)


Programming | Analysis | Game DaY

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